If you have complex queries, with many joins and rarely update data, something much closer to native queries like JOOQ comes in handy.

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jOOQ is a Java code generation tool and data access library for relational databases. Its basic use-cases are the same as ORMs, yet it embraces SQL rather than trying to hide it. It supports over twenty relational database management systems, from PostgreSQL to Oracle.

Why jOOQ??

The first issue with JDBC and many ORMs is that they use strings of SQL code which are sent to the database to be executed. This is clearly a problem because there is…

“Domain-driven design is not a technology nor methodology.” ~ Eric Evans

An application can be developed with an amazing architecture, using the latest technologies and having the best interface, etc. but if it doesn’t solve the business’s needs, it won’t be considered useful for it. That’s when Domain Driven Design (DDD) comes into picture. As the name says, the point here is to focus on the domain of a specific business.

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Complexity Challenge!

Complexity means different data sources, different business goals, etc. In such cases, your code base becomes complicated and hard to maintain. Most of the business applications are re-written just…

A brief analysis on how Deque can be used over Stack Data structure.

We have numerous data structures to solve the problems by comparing the time complexity and space complexity. Recently, I came across a problem wherein I tried to use a data structure that yields a better performance over Stack. 🙇

Why you should not use Stack?🤔

  • By extending Vector, Stack provides operations that have no place in a stack, such as accessing elements via their index; inserting and deleting elements at any position. Also, extending other classes with unneeded functionality, bloat your objects, potentially costing a lot of extra memory and performance overhead.
  • Stack does not implement an interface. Therefore, by…

Our mind can be our biggest challenge and obstacle, yet if we manage it skillfully, it can be our biggest ally.

Our mind is fascinating.It has its own rhythm, its own patterns and tendencies, it is self-conscious, and yet we are not aware of many things spontaneously happening. Waves of thoughts arise and subside in our mind and we have no control over them.🏇🏼 It is really important to calm ourselves and concentrate on the ongoing circumstances.

We judge ourselves for feeling pain, sadness, fear, which then produce feelings of things like shame and guilt.We end up just feeling bad about feeling bad. It actually stalls out any healing or progress or problem solving.

Penchant of the Mind:

It is found that an average person…

Take time to ponder in order to make programming life easier!

Innovation and technological advancements bring rapid shifts and new discoveries in the market. The user is continuously evolving,and so the organization needs to build and iterate the product quickly. Building faster and scalable products while maintaining consistent and cohesive experience is the new metric for product and business to succeed.

It is expected for a Software developer, to appropriately describe load and operating performance parameters of their applications. They are also expected to cobble together various data systems like storage, caching, stream processing, search, retrieval and batch processing, and design a resilient system.

Additionally, poor systems design causes frustration for…

IELTS Writing Task-2( Problem-Solution Essay type)

There is a crucial problem in the countryside due to the increasing number of population. This is mainly because of the lack of awareness about the shortage of resources in the world and the employment rate. There are number of solutions which should be implemented to deal with this issue.

To begin with, a vast amount of people in the urban areas are wealthy enough to give birth in accordance with their ability. Unfortunately, they are not bestowed with the knowledge of water and land resources available in this world. In other words, they do not have an understanding about…

IELTS Writing Task-2( Discussion Type Essay)

It is considered by some that being a university graduate is the key to securing a good job, while there are others who believe that it is better to gain experience by working. In my opinion, I believe that work experience is essential to survive in an industry like telecommunications or Information Technology unlike the academic jobs.

On the one hand, many people think that obtaining a credential from an university helps in the working environment. First and foremost, the competition to procure a seat in an esteemed college is high nowadays which in turn proves the expertise of the…

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”- Martin Fowler

To be able to write clean code you should train your mind over a period of time.The hardest part is simply making a start, but as time goes by and your skill-set improves, it becomes easier. Writing clean code is all about readability, so even the smallest things like changing you habits for naming variables make the biggest difference.💁🏻

Code smells are a set of common signs which indicate that your code is not good enough and it needs refactoring…

IELTS Writing Task-2(Type-Advantages&Disadvantages)

It is believed by some people that it is feasible to work in areas which are away from their homes with the advancement of contemporary transit options in recent times. However , there are complications caused as a result of the modern era although it eases the difficulty of travel.

One evident benefit to having the latest transport options is that it would enable individuals to work on their best choice with a higher salary.For instance, most of the companies are established in Social Economic Zones(SEZ) which are located at a long haul. Nevertheless of this situation, there are many…

With an increasing number of people eating fast food, which if eating too regularly can cause health issues, some people think that the only solution is to ban it completely. To what extent do you agree?

Owing to the increasing number of population consuming the junk food on daily basis, there has been an alarming health problems associated with it. It is believed that a quick fix for this issue is to prohibit the availability of the fast food. I completely agree with this solution as it would help in the prevention of serious hazards.

To begin with, binge eating on junk food is one of the major causes of the obesity today. Nevertheless, there are awareness programs conducted across the world, but people are least bothered about the health complications. A recent study in Harvard…

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